The unique Terraced House by Alvar Aalto

Architect Alvar Aalto was a close friend of Ahlström’s director Harry Gullichsen and his wife Maire (nee Ahlström).

In 1935, Aino and Alvar Aalto, Nils-Gustaf Hahl and Maire Gullichsen joined forces to establish the iconic Finnish design company Artek. Harry Gullichsen commissioned Alvar Aalto to draw building and land-use plans for Kauttua. The first designs were completed in 1937. They show area plans with a single multi-storey building and several lower buildings. 

The guiding principle for all the planning phases was to take full advantage of the opportunity to create a spectacular design on the steep hill found in the area. However, in the end, only one of the four terraced houses originally planned for the area was completed before war broke out in 1939. The special feature of the Terraced House is that the roof of the lower level serves as a garden terrace of the house on the next level. Built on four levels, the house is a brick building with a concrete frame, designed to afford residents on all floors a picturesque view over the surrounding pine forests.

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Cultural Tour in the Kauttua Ironworks
where industry, design, art and Alvar Aalto’s architecture meet
You have the opportunity to visit the whole Kauttua Works with a guide who will tell you about the history and present of the ironworks area and the buildings, or you can also just simply make the walking tour of your own. Three-hour guided tour is 105 €/group.