Kauttua Works area

The historical Kauttua area is formed by the main building of the Works with its parks and auxiliary buildings, homes built for blacksmiths along the Sepäntie village street and the residential buildings of Vanharivi and Pitkärivi.

Of the old Works’ buildings dating from the era before the paper mill, the saw mill built in the early 20th century and part of the old coal storage dating from the 1870s still remain. The mills, workshops and hammer workshops, built by the rapids in the 17th and 18th centuries, have been demolished. Kauttua’s landmark, the octagonal bell tower situated in the park, dates from the 1830s.

Situated at the heart of the Works park, Kauttua Club provides first-class hotel services in a unique setting.

The saunas at Kauttua can be reserved and accommodate large groups, too.

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