Meetings lit by chandeliers

Kauttua Club offers a peaceful, quiet setting for meetings and corporate events.

The unique atmosphere is completed with memorable dishes conjured up by Kauttua’s chefs. With our partners, we can also arrange any supplementary services you require for your event, from decorations to entertainment. Our versatile facilities and rooms of various sizes enable flexible arrangements for your meeting day.

We are also happy to arrange guided tours, offering an introduction to the long history of the Kauttua Works and the collaboration between the company and Alvar Aalto. And why not give your meeting an energy boost with our hiking and hunting trips or fitness and outdoor activities? Our traditional sauna with a turf roof provides a memorable experience for meeting guests.

Kauttua Club, Villa Aalto and Varkaudenmäki can accommodate a total of 42 guests.

Situated at the heart of the Works park, Kauttua Club provides first-class hotel services in a unique setting.

The milieu of the Kauttua Works offers a perfect setting for enjoying cultural events and beautiful natural surroundings.

The saunas at Kauttua can be reserved and accommodate large groups, too.

Why not round off a lovely day with the fresh flavours served by Ahlström’s restaurant?