Kauttua’s saunas

The saunas at Kauttua can be reserved and accommodate large groups, too.

Our service package includes two saunas: Villa Ahlström’s sauna and a lakeshore sauna by the clean-watered Lake Pyhäjärvi. You can savour Ahlström’s delicacies also on the sauna premises. We also offer outdoor, wellbeing and activity services.

The sauna is not licenced to serve alcohol. Guests may bring their own drinks.

Situated at the heart of the Works park, Kauttua Club provides first-class hotel services in a unique setting.

The milieu of the Kauttua Works offers a perfect setting for enjoying cultural events and beautiful natural surroundings.

Ahlström offers a wide range of meeting facilities in the area of the atmospheric Kauttua Works. Read more.

Why not round off a lovely day with the fresh flavours served by Ahlström’s restaurant?