Sauna packages and prices

Open on reservation, Kauttua’s saunas are suitable for even larger groups. There are two saunas in the area.

Sauna prices

Lakeshore sauna 200 €
Villa Ahlström 200 €

The prices include the use of the premises and towels.

Available for hire

  • Bathrobe and slippers 5 €

We also offer outdoor, wellbeing and activity services.

Contact us for an offer for food for your meeting.

We reserve the right to revise the prices and to make seasonal changes to the menus. All prices include VAT.

The prices of the sauna menus are for groups with a minimum of 10 people. Contact us for an offer for a smaller group.



Sauna menus


1. Buffet du Chef 36,00 €/hlö (min. 15 persons)

Three course buffet of the week. Made with seasons best products. Buffet includes appetizers, warm dish and desserts.

2. Vorschmack menu  28,00 €/person (min. 6 persons)

Elk vorschmack and oven baked potatoes
Pickled cucumbers, beetroot and sour cream
Green salad of the house and vinaigrette with herbs and garlic
Fresh bread and butter


3. Blini menu 28,00 €/person (min. 6 persons)


Three little blinis served with two fillings
Choose from following fillings: salmon-, shrimp-, mushroom-, vegetable or smoked elk mousse
Mousse with roe with extra fee 5,00 €
Extra blinis 3,00 €/pcs

Main course: Elk and mutton sausages, potato salad and green salad with cheese



4. Evening treat menu 32,00 €/person (min. 10 persons)

Buffet with small appetizers of the house and two salads 
Roasted salmon, tartar sauce and cheese gratinated potatoes 
Fresh bread and butter


5. Pie menu 22,00 €/person (min. 6 persons)

Salty pie of your choice. Choose one filling: elk, vegetable or salmon
Green salad of the house and vinaigrette with herbs and garlic


6. Casserole menu 22,00 €/person (min. 6 persons)

You can choose either salmon, vegetable or elk casserole with potatoes. 
Beetroot salad and picked cucumbers



Meringue with berries 6,00 €/person
Apple pie and vanilla custard 5,00 €/person
Crepes with jam and whipped cream 5,50 €/person
Chocolate mousse with lingonberries 6,50 €/person
Vanilla cream cheese pudding and berry salad 5,00 €/person