Wedding celebrations under a high ceiling

Kauttua Club offers a luxurious wedding venue in a three-storey 19th-century manor house.

Here, beautiful premises, unique surroundings and a top-class restaurant come together to ensure that the wedding is a memorable occasion for both the couple and guests.

The premises have space for even a larger group. Renovated in keeping with their long history, Kauttua Club’s rooms serve as accommodation. Additional accommodation is available in Villa Aalto and the Varkaudenmäki guest house, located in the area. The premises in the area can accommodate up to 42 guests.

Number of guests: The downstairs of Kauttua Club has space for 20–40 people, while the Ballroom upstairs can seat 30–100 guests.  The smaller rooms have space for 2–40 people and the Cellar Bar has space for 45. In summer, Garden Terrace, located in our beautiful apple orchard, can serve up to 80 guests.


Situated at the heart of the Works park, Kauttua Club provides first-class hotel services in a unique setting.

The milieu of the Kauttua Works offers a perfect setting for enjoying cultural events and beautiful natural surroundings.

The saunas at Kauttua can be reserved and accommodate large groups, too.

Why not round off a lovely day with the fresh flavours served by Ahlström’s restaurant?