Ahlström cherishes traditions

According to Ahlström's values, we cherish our traditions and take care of our environment.

Two generators at the Makkarakoski hydroelectric plant produce clean energy in the Noormarkku Works area, and the woodchips produced from the company's forests are used at the area's woodchip heating plant to heat up the buildings in the area.

According to the definition of the National Board of Antiquities, Noormarkku Works is nationally valuable built-up cultural environment. In 2015, A. Ahlström received a Satakunta medal from the Regional Council of Satakunta for his work to preserve and maintain the Noormarkku and Kauttua Works areas that are valuable in terms of cultural history. The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage granted Ahlström an industrial heritage award in 2015 for the establishment of the Makkarakoski sawmill museum and the Ahlström Voyage exhibition.

Hotel accommodation at one of the largest Works in Finland in a magnificent garden setting.

Hotel deals, golf vacations and cultural packages.

The kitchen of Noormarkku Club cherishes traditional recipes dating back centuries and offers new culinary experiences.

Bathing in a sauna in a beautiful landscape offers wonderful relaxation after a meeting or trip out in the nature.