Noormarkku Works tour
– Architecture and history

During Noormarkku Works tours, a guide will acquaint you with the world-renowned Villa Mairea and the Ahlström Voyage exhibition.

The exhibition is located in an old workshop. During the guided walking tour, you can also become familiar with the entire area. The culture tour is not suitable for the physically challenged. The distance between the sites is approximately 500 metres.

The cultural tour includes a meal at Noormarkku Club. The total duration of the tour is 2–2.5 hours.

The price of the culture package is

  • 46 € per person (Mon–Fri, lunch between 11 am and 2 pm, the minimum charge is for eight people).
  • The prices of other cultural tours, start from 12 € per person. Ask more about discounts for pensioners and our accommodation offers.
Tour of the Kauttua and Noormarkku Works

The tour of two inronworks includes visits to Noormarkku and Kauttua Works. At Noormarkku, visitors have an opportunity to visit the Ahlström Voyage exhibition and the area in general with a guide. In Noormarkku, you can find the homes of three generations of Ahlströms: Villa Mairea (1939), Villa Havulinna (1901) and Isotalo (1881). During the tour, you can view these houses, and many other beautiful buildings from the outside.

The tour of the Kauttua Works provides a guided introduction to the interesting architecture and history of the area. The area boasts such architecturally notable buildings as Kauttua Club (1802) and the Terraced House designed by Alvar Aalto (1938). 

The tour of two works (Mon–Fri) includes visits to Kauttua and Noormarkku, breakfast or coffee with a savoury snack at Kauttua Club and lunch at Noormarkku Club. The trip lasts 5.5–6 hours, including travel time. We recommend starting the tour from Kauttua.

The price does not include transport between the works. Enjoy the picturesque surroundings of the Noormarkku Works and stay the night in the cosy, renovated rooms available in the area’s historical buildings. When booked in connection with a guided tour, the price of a hotel package is €57.50 per person in a double room.


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