Meeting facilities in a Works setting

Conference rooms at Noormarkku Works are located in elegantly renovated buildings in a unique garden area. To supplement our cosy conference rooms and equipment, we also offer hotel and restaurant services.

Accommodation services produce added value to meetings and make event planning easier. Staying overnight in the area increases the sense of togetherness and the beautiful landscape – the gardens, the river and pine forest – create a soothing atmosphere.

In addition, the area valuable in terms of cultural history offers various refreshing activities. Saunas at the Works invite you to relax and Noormarkunjoki to swim. Sights include Villa Mairea, the Ahlström Voyage exhibition and the sawmill museum.

Cultural tours and restaurant events.

Hotel accommodation at one of the largest Works in Finland in a magnificent garden setting.

The kitchen of Noormarkku Club cherishes traditional recipes dating back centuries and offers new culinary experiences.

Bathing in a sauna in a beautiful landscape offers wonderful relaxation after a meeting or trip out in the nature.