Noormarkku Club

The kitchen of Noormarkku Club cherishes traditional recipes dating back centuries and offers new culinary experiences.

We prefer local producers and aim to use the best seasonal ingredients and what our own forests and waters have to offer, such as fish, game, mushrooms and berries. Wild food is also strongly present. Our chefs have the perfect recipes for traditional foods of southwestern Finland and high-quality international cuisine.

The best recipes of the Club have passed from one generation to the next. Our classics include the specialties of Ahlström chefs, such as vorschmack, elk Wellington and pike loaf.

Noormarkku Club has been awarded the Rôtisseurs plaque. The highly valued Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is an international association of gastronomy which promotes culinary culture. The tasty meals of the Club are also available as take away products. 

Cultural tours and restaurant events.

Hotel accommodation at one of the largest Works in Finland in a magnificent garden setting.

Hotel deals, golf vacations and cultural packages.

Bathing in a sauna in a beautiful landscape offers wonderful relaxation after a meeting or trip out in the nature.